5 Things to do with your Content if you want your ideal audience to feel…

Captivated NOT Bullied
Attracted NOT Trapped
Engaged NOT Coerced

It’s easy to get lost in promotion and sales talk – and that’s not to deny the importance of those aspects of our business at all, but we need to step out of the maelstrom that is marketing our business from time to time and consider – how do we personally prefer to be marketed to?

Take note of brands whose approach you like, and content you instinctively connect with. Try to understand why it works. Call it research or just plain old business sense, but exploring ways you can bring those same techniques, that resonance into your own feed can only enhance your authenticity and relevance. And when you’re speaking from a place of belief and what you know – you’re voice (& content!) will always be stronger.


So, without further ado, here are the 5 things to do with your content to better connect with your ideal audience;


  1. Focus on Them. Their needs, their questions. Can you provide the transition or outcome they need and are actively looking for?
  2. Show how you can Deliver that outcome! Testimonials, How-to explainer videos, whatever works for you – just remember SHOW don’t just tell.
  3. Anticipate their journey. Nothing reassures more than that ‘they get me’ feeling. Use your FAQs and experience as a starting point. What do customers usually ask next? Make it easy for them to see how they can work with with you – because Babe, you’ve clearly got all the answers and can prove it.
  4. Show them that they are not alone. UGC (User Generated Content), Testimonials (again) and customer vignettes or informal case studies are all great ways to reassure and build trust in potential new clients. Not to mention it’s nice to bask in the glow of our own success and a job well done from time to time. Am I right?
  5. Finally – although this list is by no means exhaustive – Talk to them. Engage. If they make a great point, share it. Show you value their input, ideas and comments. It’s called social for a reason and being heard and being seen is a fundamental need for us all.



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